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The Louisiana Bobcat Refuge

"The Louisiana Bobcat Refuge Is a proud recipient of a Thermocare incubator gifted to us after the unexpected 100 year flooding in Louisiana. This unit has been a life saver for us. We use it for thermoregulating temperature of neonates to aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. We’ve used the unit after auto accidents involving bobcats where shock and brain swelling is involved after sub-q and with zoonotic diseases that can either dramatically decrease or increase a rescue felids core temperature to life threatening levels. Thermocare is a must. No worries about heating pads turning off or an animal accidentally biting a cord or the temperature being inconsistent. Thermocare is a lifesaver, and a necessity."

PK Connery

An infant bobcat resting in a Thermocare unit.
An infant bobcat resting in a Thermocare unit.

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